trav (trav23) wrote in gtagames,

bad disc?

i think i have a bad disc.

i had locked up 1 time after playing the multiplayer tutorial and trying to load back to a normal game. after that, everything was normal until the logging on mission. after it saved, i went back in to log back on, and locked up while looking at the news page. after that, i've had many attempts to reload the game freeze at the loading screen. in the very few times it gets past that into the game, it locks up within about 30 seconds.

but when i switch to my other ps3 profile, i can load and play just fine. if i get to the same point and it starts freezing again, back to fry's for sure.

edit: looks like the common answer online is to sign out of psn before loading the game, so i'll try that tonight. the second profile i was using is offline only and had no problems, so...

edit2: signing out did the trick.. so now to wait for a patch..
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