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Welcome the first unofficial Grand Theft Auto LiveJournal community. Here is a place to discuss everything about the Grand Theft Auto universe and games. These games include: Grand Theft Auto, Grand Theft Auto 2, Grand Theft Auto 2 - London Expansion, Grand Theft Auto 3, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

Maintainer/Moderator =viperguy

Co-Moderators/Maintainers = stealthrabbi
stealthrabbi is in charge of making sure spoilers are under lj-cuts.

Looking for Clues, Hints or FAQ questions about San Andreas? Look here:
Hints and Clues: San Andreas

Looking for Clues, Hints, or FAQ Questions about GTA III? Look here:
Hints and Clues: GTA III

Clues, Hints, and FAQ for Vice City have arrived!
The rules:

1) If there is a spoiler please post it in LJ-CUT format. Instructions on using the LJ-CUT and other features can be found here: LJ-CUT Information

2) Do not ask anything unrelated to GTA in this community.

3) We do not tolerate spamming or pornography.

4) Violations will be reported to LJ Abuse. You have been warned.